Barber School Curriculum

The curriculum for students in a school of barbering for a complete course of 1100 credit hours for training shall be as follows:
Each student is required to obtain 280 total hours of theory training in the following curriculum before the student is allowed to render clinical services.
  • Classroom Theory (50 Hours): Chemistry Sanitation and Sterilization Hygiene and Good grooming Laws and Rules
  • Hair and Scalp Treatments, Shampooing and Conditioning (25 Hours): Hair analysis Scalp condition Treatments Proper procedure of shampooing Knowledge of shampoo formulas Water temperatures
  • Shaving (25 hours): Shaving (proper handling technique of straight razor, learning the 14 stroke process)
  • Hair Cutting and Styling (70 Hours): Proper handling of implements (razor, shears, clippers, trimmers, edgers 35 Hours of training on manikins
  • Facial Hair Design & Waxing (20 Hours): Theory of facial massage Equipment Facial treatments

After completion of the first 280 hours of training, the curriculum shall be as follows:
  • Theory – 100 Hours
  • Hair-styling techniques and cutting (500 hours = 500 applications): Proper handling of instruments Improper handling of instruments Training on manikins and live models
  • Shaving (25 Hours): Proper handling of instruments Improper handling of instruments Training on manikins and live models
  • Facial-Hair Design and Waxing (10 Hours = 30 applications)
  • Scalp Treatment Techniques (10 Hours) Hair analysis Scalp conditions Treatment
  • Additional instructions at the discretion of the instructor (200 Hours)
Total Hours:   1100


Deposit ( Non-refundable)
Registration Fee (Non-refundable)
Kit, Equipment,Textbook, Supplies ( Non-refundable)
Tuition (Non-refundable)
Barber Institute Total Cost


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