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Having previously worked with youth from all backgrounds and abilities, we set off on filling a major gap in career exploration many youth face. Through hands on learning, participants will get an introduction into the Barbering and Cosmetology industry that goes beyond haircuts and hair styles. Using STEAM fundamentals and proven best practices in youth engagement and positive developmental relationships, participants will learn about financial management, communication skills, time management, self-accountability and much more.

DMV Barber & Beauty Career Camp




10AM - 11AM (7YRS-10YRS)

11AM - 12PM (11YRS-13YRS)

12PM - 1PM (14YRS-17YRS)



9AM - 12PM

AUGUST 7 - 11



AGE GROUP: 7yrs through 17yrs


Registration Form

Thanks for your interest!

Terms and Conditions

Refund Policy & Cancellation Policies 

Order Cancellation Policy

1. If you choose to cancel your registration on a Fall, Winter or Spring Program.
More than 30 days prior to the program start date: 100% credit voucher issued of the registration fee paid.
Between 15 and 30 days prior to the program start date: 50% credit voucher issued of the registration fee paid.
Within 14 days of the program start date: no refund or credit will be issued.

2. If you choose to cancel your registration on a Summer Program.
More than 60 days prior to the program start date: 100% credit voucher issued of the registration fee paid.
Between 15 and 59 days prior to the program start date: 50% credit voucher issued of the registration fee paid.
Within 14 days of the program start date: no refund or credit will be issued.

3. Non-Participation

Following the initial class, if you decide your child is not ready for the program or its content, we will issue you with a credit voucher***. The value of the credit voucher will be a maximum of 80% of the initial registration fee paid.  To request a credit voucher for non-participation, you must contact Kids Career Camp offices before the 2nd session/camp day begins. If 2 or more sessions have taken place, then no credit will be issued for non-participation.

4. Medical cancellation

If a medical emergency arises and you submit medical documentation stating that the registrant cannot participate, Kids Career Camp will issue a credit voucher*** for any time missed (affected dates must be notated on the medical documentation submitted).

Note: The start date of a program in respect to the refund policy is always the listed start date at the time you registered for the program. If a program is moved forwards or backwards, the credit voucher policy will be based on the start date when you registered, not the current start date as listed on our website.

Reasons Kids Career Camp may cancel your order:


Kids Career Camp may notify you that they are cancelling your order. In most cases, orders are cancelled for one of the three following reasons:

1. Low enrollment

To run a quality Program, we do require that minimum enrollment is met. We do not like to cancel any Program but if we do, you will receive notification within the following time frame:

3 or more days before for weekly classes
5 or more days before for summer camps

If your Program is cancelled due to low enrollment, we will strive to find an alternative program option for you and switch you onto this new Program with as little disturbance as possible. If we cannot find an alternative program that works for you and your schedule, you can opt for a full refund instead.

2. The participant is too young/old for the program. 

3. To protect the safety and well-being of participants.

If the instructor feels that the participant is not having the best experience or is hindering the experience of other participants, including but not limited to discrimination, bullying, persistent poor behavior of any kind, irrespective of any special needs, Kids Career Camp reserves the right to remove the participant from the program with immediate effect, either for the remainder of the day (part-exclusion) or from the entire program (full exclusion). In this scenario, a pro-rated refund will be issued for the time missed during the exclusion.

Please note this is not an exhaustive list of reasons for cancellation and there may be other extenuating circumstances for cancelling your order.


Session Cancellation Policies

If a program operated by Kids Career Camp is cancelled for any reason other than the weather - how, where, and what type of program you registered for will dictate which policy applies.

All credit vouchers and refunds for weekly classes will be issued at the end of the season, so we can calculate your compensation effectively once the program has ended and all factors have been considered. For all week-long camps, you can expect all refund and credit vouchers to be issued within 7-10 days of the camp ending. 

Inclement Weather Session Cancellation Policy

If a program operated by Kids Career Camp is impacted by weather:

Weekly Classes:

Class cancelled due to weather?  If more than 50% of one full session is lost and we are unable to make-up for the lost time at the end of the program, we will issue a credit voucher*** for the amount of $20 

      Example 1: 
     Program Cost: $200
      Program Duration: every Monday for 8 weeks.
     On Week 6 the session is cancelled due to rain prior to starting and no makeup date is available. 
     Compensation: $20 credit voucher. 

      Example 2: 
     Program Cost: $200
      Program Duration: every Monday from 12pm-1pm for 8 weeks.
     On Week 6 while at the session, it is cancelled midway through the session at 12:35pm due to a thunderstorm. 
     Compensation: None (as more than 50% of the session was completed). 

      Example 3: 
     Program Cost: $200
      Program Duration: every Monday for 8 weeks.
      On week 2 the session is cancelled prior to the start due to excessive heat. On week 5 the session is cancelled 10 minutes into it due to thunderstorms.
      There is one make-up date available.
     Compensation: $20 credit voucher (1 session is compensated with the make-up session).

Summer & School's Out Camps:

  • One full day of camp gets washed out?  If an entire day of camp is lost and we are unable to make-up the lost time during that week, we will issue a credit voucher*** for 60% of the pro-rated daily cost, valid on any future program.

  • Camp gets washed out partway through the day? If participants attend camp and it has to be cancelled during the day (while participants are onsite), no compensation or makeup will be offered.

      Example 4: 
     Camp Cost: $200
     Camp Duration: 5 days, 9am-1:30pm
     Full day of camp is cancelled on Tuesday at 8am, no makeup available. 
     Compensation: $200 credit voucher (60% of $40 per day fee).

      Example 5: 
     Camp Cost: $200
     Camp Duration: 5 days, 9am-1:30pm
     Participants attended camp on Tuesday at 9am, but at 1pm it was cancelled due to Thunderstorms. 
     Compensation: None (as the camp day had started).

      Example 6: 
     Camp Cost: $200
     Camp Duration: 5 days, 9am-1:30pm
      The facility is closed by Township on Thursday & Friday  
     Compensation: $40 credit voucher (60% of $40 per day fee x2).

Why this policy?

We hate to cancel our Programs, but unfortunately, we cannot control the weather or many other factors and sometimes this cannot be helped! In these instances, our fixed expenses don't change, so in most circumstances, we have already incurred many costs for program set-up, administration, staffing, equipment, the facility, and more. We strive to be fair to you, the customer and believe our compensation system is fair to all parties involved. Please be aware that many camps have no refund/credit policy in the event of program cancellations.

For more detailed information on our inclement weather policy, including FAQs, please click here.


Non-Weather-Related Session Cancellation Policy

If a program operated by Kids Career Camp is cancelled for ANY reason other than weather:

On rare occasions, we may have to cancel a session due to unforeseen or uncontrollable circumstances. For example, your instructor is sick. We hate to cancel any session so we always strive to find cover before a session is cancelled. During our busiest times, unfortunately, we do not have an endless supply of staff who can cover sessions and we may have no option other than to cancel. In these instances, we will make every effort to give you enough warning so you are not traveling to the class. With the nature of some emergencies, however, this cannot be helped and we apologize in advance if your program is ever affected by a non-weather-related cancellation. 

If your session is cancelled for any reason other than weather and we do not have a make-up session available at the end of the program (or the make-up session has been utilized for a weather-related cancellation), we will issue a 100% refund for the pro-rated daily cost of the program to your original form of payment.


Inclement Weather

The majority of the Kids Career Camp programming consists of indoor activities and should not be impacted. 

We strive to ensure any cancellations are relayed to the parents/guardian as soon as possible. Please always check your phone/emails incase of inclement weather. We also follow each Counties school closure policy incase of inclement weather. 


We understand that sometimes life happens and you may be unable to attend one of your program’s scheduled sessions. In the event you know you’ll be unable to attend a session ahead of time, please let your instructor know the week prior, as this information will assist them with planning.

Due to participant safety and liability reasons we cannot allow participants to make up the time missed by attending a different program for one session.  We have a duty to all participants, clients, customers, and instructional staff to provide a high-quality camp experience which meets their needs and fulfills all program requirements, including but not limited to adhering to group ratios, insurance and liability agreements, facility schedules, and town rules/regulations; for these reasons you may only attend programs which you are registered for.


Please note: if a medical emergency arises or the participant misses a session due to sickness, Kids Career Camp will issue a credit voucher*** for any time missed providing medical documentation is submitted stating that the registrant cannot participate (affected dates must be notated on the medical documentation submitted).

Signing In and Out

For every Program, the participant must be signed in and out every day. For all children's programs, a parent or guardian is required to physically sign-in and sign-out their child at the start and end of every daily session. For the safety of all participants, we require you adhere to the following procedures with regards to dropping off and collecting your child from our Programs:

    • The Safety Zone - the "Safety Zone" is a coned area marked out by the coach each day; this area is used for sign-in and sign-out and for any emergency situations which may arise during the Program. 
      You are required to physically sign-in/out - you may not stay in your car, the parking lot, or utilize any other location/field to drop or collect your child from the Program. You must drop/collect your child to/from the Safety Zone to sign them in/out.

    • Emergency Contact Details - on the first day of your Program you must ensure the coach has the correct contact details for you and they have the correct medical information for your child. If your child is carrying any medications, please notify your coach during sign-in.

    • Someone Else Collecting - on any given day, if a different person is collecting your child at the end of that Session, you must have informed the coach during sign-in on that day. At sign-out, the individual collecting your child must bring ID which matches the name given at sign-in.

    • Walking Home Unsupervised - if you are allowing your child to walk home from a program unaccompanied, we require a signed letter indicating this and specifying the exact dates this is permitted. This letter must be presented by a parent/guardian to the coach during sign-in on that day. Letters from minors will not be accepted.


For all summer camps (camps taking place between June 1 - September 6) we require all participants to be up to date with vaccinations and immunizations appropriate to their age, and in-line with your State Department of Health regulations, including a current Tetanus shot. Before proceeding with your registration and/or purchase, please check your State Department of Health regulations, which are typically the same as your local school district. 

If the participant is attending a summer camp but is not up to date with the State Department of Health vaccination and immunization requirements, then either they must qualify for an exemption due to religious or other qualifying reasons, obtain those vaccinations before the start of camp, or not proceed with their purchase, register or attend of a Kids Career Camp.

These requirements DO NOT apply to weekly classes or camps outside of the summer dates outlined above.


Program Changes & Cancellations

Any element of your purchase may be cancelled, postponed, delayed, altered, relocated or rescheduled at any time with or without notice in the Organizer’s sole discretion due to the actions or events beyond the reasonably foreseeable control of the Organizers, the Organizers will not be liable to you or any other party because of any failure to perform hereunder due to fire, earthquake, rain, adverse weather conditions, flood, or any other acts of God, power failures, electrical or mechanical difficulties, facility/field closures, strikes, lockout, work stoppages or other labor disturbances, governmental/state/county/township regulations or restrictions, terrorism, war, civil disturbances or any other cause or condition, whether similar or dissimilar to any of the foregoing, beyond the reasonably foreseeable control of the Organizers ("Force Majeure"). Delay in the performance of this Agreement caused by any Force Majeure shall not constitute a breach of this Agreement or a ground for cancellation, suspension or termination hereof. 

For the avoidance of doubt, postponement, relocation, or cancellation of events due to weather conditions or Force Majeure events is beyond our control and we will not issue any cash refunds for such events. In the event of postponement, relocation or cancellation of events due to weather conditions or Force Majeure events beyond our control we will issue a credit voucher*** for use on future Kids Career Camp Programs in the amount of 60% of the value for the portion of programming lost. Please refer to the Inclement Weather Policy section of this document for credit voucher examples to which explain the compensation we would issue in the event of program changes and/or cancellation for reasons beyond our control. 


Credit Vouchers

We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to change, modify, add, delete portions or terminate any Promotions at any time without notice. Only one Promotion can be used towards any one transaction and no two Promotions can be combined. Promotions cannot be applied retrospectively to previous transactions or purchases. The Kids Career Camp currently offers the following types of discounts and special offers to its customers for promotional purposes.


Credit Vouchers

If your credit voucher was issued...

  • by Kids Career Camp, it can be used on any product, Service or Event provided or operated by Kids Career Camp which is eligible for purchase via our online registration payment portal (not a Third-Party Registration System). Please note Recreation Departments, Service Providers or other third-party organizations do not accept Kids Career Camp Credit Vouchers.

Violation of Terms & Conditions

You understand and agree that Kids Career Camp may without prior notice, terminate, suspend, block or modify your access to the Site or Services, cancel your Event registration, and refuse to honor all or pending purchases if Kids Career Camp believes you or someone acting on your behalf has violated or is inconsistent with the Terms & Conditions outlined in this Agreement, or the law, or have violated the rights of Kids Career Camp, or one of our clients, employees, customers, or participants on a Program. Kids Career Camp is not required to provide a refund or exchange of fees you have paid if it exercises any of its rights or remedies because you have violated these Terms & Conditions or any of Kids Career Camp rights. In this event, all outstanding fees will be your responsibility and you agree to pay any outstanding balances on demand.

You and Kids Career Camp agree that this Agreement, for all purposes, shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Virginia applicable to contracts to be wholly performed therein, and any action based on, relating to the Kids Career Camp Program or Services must be brought in a state or federal court in the State of Virginia. In addition, both parties agree to submit to the exclusive personal jurisdiction and venue of such courts.


Agreement & Liability Waiver

During purchase, all customers registering for a Kids Career Camp Program on the Kids Career Camp Websites or via telephone are required to acknowledge and agree to the terms set forth in the Kids Career Camp Agreement and Liability Waiver. Participation in a Program is not permitted without your acceptance of such terms. View the Agreement & Liability Waiver.


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